A Beginner's Guide To Online Reputation Law

internet defamation lawsuits Getting Material Removed From The Web

Has someone lied about you online? Under the right circumstances, you CAN get the offending material removed from websites, social media – and sometimes even search engines.

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Yes, free speech trumps much, but it's still against U.S. and state laws to publicly, purposefully and harmfully lie about a person or business.

Luckily, Certain Online Reputation Challenges Can Be Overcome

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We’ve put together this website as a primer for anybody looking to combat reputation ruining, false online statements.

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If you can't find the answers to your questions in the pages of this site, get in touch. We'll chat about your situation and, if appropriate, start formulating a solution.

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What Is Defamation?

What, exactly, is defamation -- legally speaking. Click through for definitions and explanations of what constitutes slander and libel.

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Example Scenarios

Is it defamatory if...? We review a few common scenarios.

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Common Questions (& Answers)

Filing an libel lawsuit against a detractor isn't your only option. Read about other ways you can clear up your online reputation.

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Defamation FAQ

Got a defamation question? Head into the FAQ section to see if there’s an answer.

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Talk To A Lawyer

Has someone unfairly demeaned you online? Talk to a lawyer today about it.

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Is It Defamatory If...

We lay out scenarios and discuss whether or not they're defamatory.

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Is Your Reputation Under Siege? Take Control Today.

Every situation is different. The best way to determine what you can -- and cannot -- do to fight back against an online enemy or competitor is to speak with a lawyer who handles online reputation issues.

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Internet defamation is on the rise, but victims have options. And clearing your good name may be a lot easier -- and less expensive -- than you think.

What is the difference between slander and libel?

Slander and libel are two sides of the same defamation coin. Simply stated, slander is spoken defamation and libel is written (or graphic) defamation. Just remember: “S” is for slander and “spoken.” In some jurisdictions, different rules apply for slander and libel. Click here to review the laws in your state.

What are viable defenses against defamation?

Here’s some straight talk you may not expect to hear from an Internet defamation lawyer: slander and libel cases aren’t easy to win; the circumstances must be just right. Plus, defendants have a host of defenses at their disposal, like truth, lack of harm and privilege. Click here to learn more.