About This Website (& Our Internet Defamation Law Firm)

Internet defamation law firm
Got Internet Defamation Questions? We Have Answers.

“What is this website all about? Who runs this place? Is the information accurate?”

Let’s get to the answers, shall we?

What is this website?

An Introduction to Internet Defamation Law
Internetdefamationlawsuit.com is an introduction to Internet defamation law. It tries to answer some common questions people ask when considering a libel or slander claim. For example:

  1. What is the legal definition of defamation?
  2. What must plaintiffs prove to win a defamation lawsuit?
  3. Do I have a viable case?*

Who runs this website?

This Site Is A Kelly Warner Law Production
Internetdefamationlawsuit.com is a Kelly Warner Law production. An Arizona-based legal practice, we work with clients and other law firms, from across the country and around the world, on Internet libel issues. Want to learn more about Kelly Warner? Please head to our main website here.

Is the information on this website accurate?

We hope so – and work hard to ensure accuracy. But from time to time, a small error sneaks in. When genuine mistakes are discovered, we pounce on them with the alacrity of an on-call superhero.

Yes, of course we want you as a client!

We’re A Law Firm That Solves Internet Defamation Problems
We’re a law firm that solves Internet defamation problems. Assisting with online reputation issues is what we do. It’s a passion and a living. Get in touch if you need a professional to:

  • Negotiate with websites to remove damaging material;
  • Secure court orders that compel search engines – like Google – to remove defamatory data from their indexes;
  • Litigate on behalf of businesses who file defamation lawsuits against competitors.

Talk With An Internet defamation Lawyer.

Sometimes, solving an online reputation problem is a lot easier – and less expensive – than people assume. If you’re struggling with a mud-slinging nemesis, let’s talk. We may be able to make it stop.

Our discreet, sensitive and friendly legal team will take good care of you from first contact to resolution.

*What this website does not do is dispense specific legal advice.